【Announcement】Closing VoiceLink for your accounts on March 31, 2019

We would like to announce our decision to close VoiceLink in March 2019 due to low growing rates and challenging maintenance issues to keep up with users’ expectations.

On March 31, your VoiceLink account and Rooms  will not be available. We will begin deleting contents from VoiceLink accounts.

Photos/Videos/Comments posted on each VoiceLink Room will be deleted as well.

If you would like to download/save your contents, please make sure of salvaging your contents in need before the end of March.

Note: Photos/Videos/Comments posted on Facebook Groups are not to be deleted.

After March, you will no longer be able to create a Room and to start On Air. For further information, please refer to the full Help/FAQ.

All of us, Team VoiceLink, really appreciate your contribution for making VoiceLink special. We are grateful for the outstanding users and group admins.

Thank you for your cooperation and dedication.

Kind regards

Team VoiceLink.

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Chapter 2 When to use VoiceLink

Chapter 3 My Room

Chapter 4 Settings and Facebook Groups

Chapter 5 Rooms and Users

Chapter 6 On Air Rooms