Features of VoiceLink


To enjoy VoiceLink®, please refer to the following features:

  • VoiceLink® is associated with your Facebook Groups (Name, Description, Members, Privacy Settings such as “Public/Closed/Secret”.) and your Friends on Facebook
  • Group Admin installed and activated VoiceLink®, associated Rooms are displayed on the Member’s screen
  • VoiceLink® ver 2.0 equips “My Room” functionality. “My Room” allows you to enjoy on air Rooms even if you do not make use of any Facebook Group. Please note that you can invite your Friends on Facebook who signed up VoiceLink®.
  • If you create a new Group on Facebook, the Room will be displayed soon on your VoiceLink®. Please check out your “Admin Rooms”
  • Highly recommended to share VoiceLink® on Facebook. You can share VoiceLink® from “Info” page in the Settings. A “Share” button on each Room is also available.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Note 1: Not allowed to hold the group conversation with your members who do not sign up VoiceLink®.

Note 2: When the Room is on air, notifications are sent to the members who signed up VoiceLink®.

Note 3: If your Room is not displayed, please pull down (reload) the screen