Chapter 4 Facebook Groups

Log in with Facebook


-VoiceLink is associated with your Facebook Groups (Name, Description, Members, Privacy Settings such as “Public/Closed/Secret”.)

-Group Admin installed and activated VoiceLink, associated Rooms are displayed on the Member’s screen.

-Group Admins and Members can start “On Air” (group conversation). If you do not have one, please create a new Group on Facebook.

-If you create a new Group on Facebook, the Room will be displayed on your VoiceLink. Please check out your “Admin” tab.

-Highly recommended for Admins to share VoiceLink with your Group members on Facebook. You can share VoiceLink from “Info” page in Settings. “Share”  on Panel is also available.

Note 1: Not allowed to hold the group conversation with your members who do not sign up VoiceLink.

Note 2: When the Room is on air, notifications will be sent to the members who signed up VoiceLink.

Note 3: If your Room is not displayed, please pull down (reload) the screen (Roomlist).

Note 4: If you want to know the provision of Personal Information in detail, please refer to our Privacy Policy.