Chapter 3 My Room

What is My Room?


“My Room” is a personal Room, distributed to each user who signed up VoiceLink. Even if you do not make use of Facebook Groups, “My Room” allows you to start on air and to invite Friends who signed up VoiceLink into the on air Room.

Privacy Settings

Before to start on air, you need to choose the Privacy Settings:

Public; “Public” Setting allows you to start on air with your Friends and to share the on air Room in public.

Invite Friends; “Invite Friends” Setting allows you to start on air only with the invited Friends, not available for the other VoiceLink users.

Click “OK” at the top right of the screen to start on air, when you have finished choosing your “Privacy Settings”. Notifications (Invitation to the on air Room) will be sent to the invited Friends.

Note 1: ”Invite All” is also available.

Note 2: Once you fix your Privacy Settings on My Room, you can start on air with the same settings (invited Friends). Changing Privacy Settings is always available.