1. My Room


Q1: What is “My Room”?

A: “My Room” is a personal Room, distributed to every user who signed up VoiceLink®. “My Room” allows you to start on air and invite your Friends who signed up VoiceLink®, even if you do not make use of any Facebook Group.

Note: “My Room” is displayed on the top of “Admin Rooms”, with Facebook registered name.

Q2: How can I start on air with “My Room”?

A: To start on air, there are two options below:

(1) Click “Start On Air (My Room)” in the Drawer Menu,

(2) Click “My Room” at the top of “Admin Rooms”

Once you have chosen your “Privacy Settings”, you can start on air immediately.

Note: When the Room is on air, notifications are sent to the invited Friends.

Q3: What is “Privacy Settings”?

A: On “Privacy Settings”, you can choose your Friends to invite into the on air Room.

(1) Public:

“Public” setting allows you to start on air with your Friends and to share the on air Room in public.

Note: Avaiable for the other VoiceLink® users. Listed on “Other Public/Closed Rooms”.

(2) Invite Friends:

“Invite Friends” setting allows you to start on air, only with the invited Friends.

Note: Not available for the other VoiceLink® users. For the Invited Friends, listed on “Member Rooms”.

Q4: What is “Invite Member”?

A: “Invite Member” allows you to invite/add Friend(s) into the on air Room while talking.

To make use of this functionality, click “Invite Member” on Panel (at the top right of the Room) while being on air.

Note 1: “Invite Member” functionality is available only for “My Room”.

Note 2: If you choose “Public” setting, or “Invite All” (Invite Friends) on “Privacy Settings”, “Invite Member” functionality is not available.

Note 3: It is not available to re-invite the Friends when to start on air.

Note 4: On air Room will be automatically closed when there is no one in the Speakers’ Area for over 5 minutes.