7. Speak in the on air Room

Q1: How to speak in the on air Room?

A: To speak in the on air Room, you need to enter the Speakers’ Area.


Note: Admin who started on air stay inside the Speakers’ Area from the beginning. So do the Members.

Q2: Is it necessary to have a microphone or a piece of earphones?

It is not necessary to use earphones with mic when to speak on VoiceLink® . Certainly it is available to talk on earphones with mic.

Q3: Does Network status affect sound quality on VoiceLink®?

A: Certainly. If you have any issue regarding sound quality on VoiceLink®, please refer to the recommended settings below:


Wifi or 4G (LTE).

Mobile Status:

It is highly recommended to turn off the other apps except for VoiceLink® in the on air Room.

Note1:In case of Data Use Restriction, your 4G connections are not fully available.

Note2:Under the multi-task status in the on air Room, your mobile CPU does not support HQ sound occasionally.

Note3:VoiceLink® does not cost a considerable amount of Data Traffic to user’s mobile in the on air Room.

Q4: My voices have some delay. Is there any solution to improve delay?

A: Your mobile might be running slow due to the high memory load, or your internet connection might have some issues.

Recommended solutions;

-Close applications. Specifically, close heavy movie files

-Close a browser

-Restart the mobile

There are the cases in which sound issues stated above cannot be fixed, due to the critical problems;

-OS problems

-Memory problems

-Internet connection problems

Q5: My voice has some noises. Is there any solution to reduce the noises?

A: If you have noises in the on air Rooms, please check out your conditions below:

(1) Opening other sound streaming contents → Close the other sound streaming contents.

(2) The air-conditioner wind is hitting the smartphone → Keep your smartphone from being hit by the air-conditioner wind.

(3) Not using a piece of earphones with mic → Make use of earphones with mic.

(4) taking photos (including screenshots) while talking in the Speakers’ Area, there is a case in which a snap sound on device causes some noises in the on air Room → It takes a few seconds to get back to normal. If not, re-enter the on air Room or restart VoiceLink®.

Note: if there is a case in which the sound quality does not get back to normal, please re-enter the on air Room or restart VoiceLink®.

Q6: Though I entered  the Room as a speaker, but no one can hear me.

A: When users start on air or enter the on air Room as a Speaker, a dialog (“VoiceLink® would like to access the Microphone”) will be displayed. Please click “OK”. If not, you are not allowed to speak in the on air Room, even if your icon is displayed.

To solve this issue, refer to the following sequence;


・Settings (OS) → VoiceLink → Activate “Microphone”.

Q7: My voice is available to the other participants. My icon moves rhythmically when I speak in the on air Room. However, the other participants cannot hear me at all. What should I do?

A: If a certain speaker’s voice is not accessible in the on air Room, even though almost all of the functionalities on VoiceLink are being available, your network might conflict with VoiceLink®.

There might be a case in which a specific closed network, such as that of a private office or in a Cable TV, would conflict with the sound system on VoiceLink®.

In case of that, please turn off your Wifi via OS Settings and make use of 4G connections instead. 4G connections might retrieve your voice in the on air Room.