Chapter 2 When to use VoiceLink

When to use VoiceLink:


-Facebook account to sign up.

-Smartphones (iOS/Android) or iPad (iOS)

-Download VoiceLink from Appstore/Google Play

Note1: If you are not in any Facebook Groups, solely “My Room” is displayed on “Admin Rooms”.

Note2: If there might be a case in which VoiceLink does not function right after the update, please delete the current app and install again to solve this issue.

General Note for Android: There might be a case in which sound quality becomes unstable for a few seconds while speaking in the on air Room.


-Smartphones (iOS/Android); 1GHz or more CPU/1GB or more memory.

-iOS ver.9.0 or later.

-Android ver. 4.0 and up.

*Please note that Android 6 and up might not be fully available for the services provided on VoiceLink®.